Corporate Casino Ownership Drives the Mob Out of Las Vegas Casinos

Corporate Casino Ownership Drives the Mob Out of Las Vegas Casinos

Former state authorities claimed in a recent podcast series that the Mob has been driven out of Nevada casinos over the years and will most likely not be allowed to return.

The deep infiltration of organized crime into Las Vegas casinos began to dissolve in the 1960s, according to season two of the ‘Mobbed Up’ audio series, in part owing to the Black Book and corporate casino ownership.

Jeff German, a Review-Journal investigative writer who has covered criminal organizations in Las Vegas for over 40 years and formerly worked for Las Vegas, hosts the podcast series.

The Excluded Person List or the Black Book, which was developed by Nevada gaming authorities in 1960, is a list of alleged gangsters and others who are prohibited from visiting casinos in Nevada.

According to the podcast, the Nevada Corporate Gaming Act was another cause for the Mob’s expulsion. The act allowed companies to own casinos without requiring each shareholder to be authorized, and it also opened the way for the present roster of corporate resorts on the Las Vegas strip.

Former US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referred to the Corporate Gaming Act as “the salvation of Las Vegas” during an interview on the “Mobbed Up” podcast.

People who don’t like corporate casinos say things like “the state was better when the mob ran it,” according to George Swarts, a former member of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

He also remarked on the show that when people misbehave, professional gamers don’t put them in graves; instead, they deal with it legally.

Transparencies and the shame of being associated with the Mob family, according to George Swarts, make it difficult for underworld leaders to return. He did say, though, that the mob is still active, just not at the casinos.

The mob now has side rackets like narcotics, prostitution, loan sharking, money laundering, and other things of that sort, Swarts explained.

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