The Second Straight Month Sees Casino Gaming Winning Big

The Second Straight Month Sees Casino Gaming Winning Big

March and April saw casino gaming hitting a big win, thus bagging a whopping amount of a billion dollars. The reports were released this Thursday by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The coffers of the casinos across the state fuelled up winning a massive figure of 1.039 billion dollars through the gamblers. Clark County won 865.5 million dollars; Strip registered a win of 483.4 million dollars while downtown Las Vegas won 76.2 million dollars overall. The March figures saw a total win of 1.067 billion dollars. The winning figures were 893.2, 501.5, and 71 million dollars, respectively, for each of the three majors that included Clark County, the Strip, and downtown Las Vegas. 

The differences in the percentage figures between 2020 and 2021 are not an exact determinator. This is primarily due to the reason that April and May of 2020 saw all of the casinos being closed. The state-wide numbers were totaled this April by the Control Board, which spoke of the telling figures that saw a whopping percentage increase from the figures of April 2020. The escalated number reported was 28,255.9. The casinos across the state continued their earnings even when they were closed from the middle of March until June to curb the spread of Covid-19. The winning figures were 3.7 million dollars. Majority of which was accrued through interactive poker sessions and mobile sports betting that were the only ones being operational. This was amidst the period when every other activity was suspended. 

The ban on international travel has hampered the Strip. A reason that is accredited to the April baccarat wins and the Asian table game of choice as cited by a New York gaming analyst with J.P. Morgan, Joe Greff. A significant drop was reported by Strip baccarat. The decline in the figure was a whopping fifty-eight percent that saw the betting odds crumbling down by forty-two percent. This was in comparison to the figures of April 2019. Additional data cited how the winning amount for the casinos was down from thirteen and fourteen percent to 10.7 percent. 2020 registered some of the worst figures for the state. However, there has been a significant improvement with the totals of the current wins if compared with the figures of 2019. 

The wins from gaming had transcended the levels that were recorded before the pandemic swept the world over. This was confirmed through proofs and documentation by a senior research analyst with the Control Board, Michael Lawton. The statistics reported for this calendar year saw an increase in wins in gaming in comparison to the 2019 figures. 

The percentage increase was a whopping 34.8. North Las Vegas was only an exception out of the lot. One that boasts of two major casinos that were closed for the period, which include the Texas Station and Fiesta Rancho. This is as per the figures reported by the Gaming Control Board that is into monitoring the gaming market. One that stated North Las Vegas is not surpassing the figures of 2019.  


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