What are the Updates Regarding Reopening of Las Vegas Casinos?

Updates Regarding Reopening of Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas has been the crux of the casino landscape where it won’t be wrong in calling it synonymous with gambling and casinos. Although the casino industry is widely spread across the world, the live-action experienced at Vegas remains unmatched.

And, not counting the many slot machines, online video poker machines abundantly found in most of the gas stations and grocery stores, Las Vegas boasts of having a total of 136 casinos. This includes close to 51 casinos in Las Vegas Strip, 17 in North Las Vegas, 42 casinos in Boulder Strip, and 26 casinos in Downtown Vegas. Apart from this, you should also know about the best slot machines in Vegas, so that you can enjoy playing various games with them and earn more rewards.

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Las Vegas casinos

While Vegas is the most popular casino attraction in the world, famous for its extravagant dining, 24/7 gambling, and nightclubs, the COVID-19 outbreak forced the Sin City to shut down all its casinos by the end of March this year. This of course was aimed to promote social distancing to curb the widespread and to contain the disease.

More than 90% of the casino employees lost their jobs around the world while some casino companies forced unpaid furlough upon their workforce. And while this may be true, not just the casino workers but also the public is eagerly anticipating the reopening of the casinos nestled in the Sin City.

Casinos to Reopen by the 1st of June?

Most of the casinos globally are set to reopen this June and casinos are already having pre-bookings. While the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic still looms, people are strictly following the social distancing norms. All casinos including the ones at Vegas are supporting this worldwide practice and implementing additional safety protocols.

These safety measures include ‘No Smoking’ policy in the casinos, ‘Free Parking’ services, to name a few. In fact, in a bid to make it safe for the consumers, the casino joints are deriving innovative safety practices not only for players but also for their employees.

Las Vegas Casino Plans to re-open casino after Covid-19 pandemic

The Sin City is all set to reopen its casinos keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic precautions. As per the latest updates released, 400 Las Vegas employees would be tested by medical officials every day.

That being said, the individual casinos also would be introducing additional measures like ‘No Smoking’ at the Sahara Casino or the ‘Free Parking’ at the MGM Casino and the Cosmopolitan. And, in an effort to maintain social distancing, the casinos are advising the patrons and the employees to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.

Will these initiatives truly work? Now, this remains to be seen. Needless to say, the coronavirus-imposed self-exile has built on the pent-up energy of consumers to indulge in fun activities including casinos. Thus, bringing in these safety protocols is the need of the hour.

The casinos and dining likely to reopen
  • Santa Fe Station to reopen on 26 May
  • The Red Rock will be reopening the Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, Yard House, and Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ on May 26. T-Bones Chophouse to reopen on May 29
  • Green Valley Ranch to reopen Bottiglia Enoteca, Borracha Mexican on 26th May, and Hank’s Fine Steaks on May 29.
  • SW Steakhouse, Lakeside, Jardin, Mizumi, and Allegro are reported to reopen on May 29.

While the other casinos will likely follow, the new measures are speculated to curb the excitement as partying at the nightclubs or the crowded table are not on the reopening agenda.

Apart from Allegro, the Tuscany Suites are also speculated to reopen in May along with the Venetian. And, although Caesars Palace is all set and the Cosmopolitan is introducing free parking, patrons looking forward to Treasure Island buffet and valet parking will certainly be disappointed as the former is closed and there won’t be valet parking facilities for visitors. 

Latest updates from Caesars Entertainment

The operator of gambling properties in Vegas, Caesars Entertainment has not revealed the opening dates but has offered valuable information to casino enthusiasts. That is, the operators recently revealed that the Caesars Palace followed by the Flamingo will be the initial ones to reopen.

In fact, Caesars Entertainment will receive pre-bookings from May 29 for the Cromwell, Harrah’s, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood along with the Flamingo and Caesar’s Palace.


The famous casinos of Vegas are bringing numerous COVID-19 safety measures including facial masks to the regular screening of all the employees and patrons. While the casinos are believed to have their grand reopening in the first week of June, patrons rest assured of being safe. Now when the situation is becoming good, you should also read about which casino has the loosest slots in Vegas, so click here and learn about it to explore it by taking the benefits it offers.

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